I make things

mostly in C# with Unity

About Me

I am an Edmonton based Video Game Programmer. I have been making C# games in Unity full time for over 4 years. I received my Game Programming Diploma at NAIT in 2014. Since then I have helped work on multiple shipped titles, released a small android game, and have continued to experiment and prototype in my free time.



2014   -   During my final semester in school I decided to design, program and publish a mobile game. Over the course of two weekends I managed to create Breakthrough and publish it on Google Play for Android.
I wanted to explore the process of publishing a game from start to finish. The finished app also implements Google Play leader boards and achievements.

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2014   -   I began working at CodeHatch after getting my diploma at NAIT. This was the first shipped title I worked on. I was mainly a front end, gameplay programmer. I learned a lot working on this game, things such as multiplayer gameplay logic, and implementing art and assets into a large scale project. I also became proficient working with version control on a larger team..


Reign of Kings

2015   -   Reign of Kings was the first large scale shipped title I worked on from start to finish. I created and worked on many of the gameplay systems, such as character creation, prefab placement, fishing, instruments, and various other gameplay pieces. I also implemented much of the audio, and art into the game.

Reign of Kings was a great experience working on a large multiplayer game, with thousands of players. Working on this game helped me to learn how to create maintainable, scalable, multiplayer code.

2018   -   Since 2015 I continued working full time on a yet to be announced project. This project allowed me to grow my skills in all areas of game programming. I maintained, and created various game play systems, and engine tools.

I am also working on personal projects and prototypes. Currently I am working on a 2D local coop rouge-lite, in the earlier stages of system development, and prototyping. Recently having created various systems including Entity, Serialization, Player Management, Inventory and Interaction systems to name a few.